Yours Intellectually is a website that provides answers to issues in intellectual property and technology laws.

YI knows that manoeuvring around legal landmines can be a difficult and expensive task. Due to technicalities, ease of infringement and ever-evolving nature, intellectual property and technology-related laws pose a problem for start-ups, small and medium enterprises and individuals ranging from students of IP to YouTube uploaders.

By offering well-researched, timely and free answers for questions, YI aims to make lives a little easier. Don’t understand the fair use defence? Unsure of when a provisional specification should be filed for a patent? We have the answers. YI is a portal for anyone who wants to know more about issues in intellectual property and technology laws.

Our Mission

There exists a gap in how knowledge is disseminated. At one end of the spectrum is legal advice which provides practical expertise and professional help. On the other, there are academic forums that provide an insight into a plethora of issues by conducting analyses and engaging in debates.

However, neither of the above act as knowledge-portals for individuals who are not well-versed with the law. SMEs, start-ups and individuals are compelled to conduct their own research or have to depend on unreliable advice from existing online sources. YI wants to fill this space by spreading knowledge and making the law more understandable for the masses.

Besides providing direct answers to questions, we will also post answers relating to important aspects of intellectual property and technology laws. This is to further our goal of becoming a knowledge-repository over time.

After all, knowledge is power.

How it Works

Here’s a three-step breakdown on how YI operates.

  1. You ask us an IP-related question by sending an email to questions.yoursintellectually@gmail.com

Can a compulsory license be sought for export of drugs? Will uploading a parody on YouTube amount to copyright infringement? How does Creative Commons work? What is the correct pronunciation of patents?

Please ensure that the questions are theoretical in nature. We provide knowledge; not advice. Should you initiate a lawsuit against someone for trademark infringement? We could tell you the grounds on which trademark infringements suits are filed, but the action is really yours to decide.

  1. We post the answer on the website

The answer will be emailed to you and posted on the website simultaneously. We encourage comments from experts and practitioners to stimulate discussion and provide a deeper insight into the issue.

As we run a small ship, our responses will usually take up to 5 days depending on the complexity of the question. Urgent requests can be expedited if specifically asked for. We will inform you if your request has been accepted.

  1. If necessary, you may ask us for clarifications

If our answer seems unclear or incorrect, for which we pre-emptively apologize, please feel free to write back to us. We will do our best to offer clarifications. Corrections and clarifications will also be posted on the website so that our readers stay informed of all changes.

Please check our FAQs for further details.

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