Who are you and what do you do?

YI is a website run by intellectual property enthusiasts. We answer IP-related questions that people like you ask us.

Why do you do what you do?

Gaining legal knowledge can be really difficult and expensive for people. Legal uncertainty can cause several problems – from leading people to do illegal things in ignorance of the law to forcing them to comply with takedown notices that they don’t know are illegal. Our aim is to disseminate knowledge about IP, which would enable people to make informed choices on legal issues.

Will you charge money?

No, we will not.

What do you get out of this?

Being open access fanboys, our foremost take-away would be the pleasure of playing a part in furthering knowledge. Utopian though as it might sound, we really believe that the law should be equally accessible to everyone. Through this website, we get to further this belief. We also gain popularity for doing what we do so that we can do more of what we do (our answers are usually easier to understand than this statement).

So are you like a lawyer-substitute?

No, we are not. We do not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone who asks us a question. We firmly believe that you should approach lawyers for any actual legal issue or dispute – in fact we encourage you to do so! Please read our disclaimer for details.

YI merely provides legal knowledge to put you in a better position to make decisions. If you are planning to upload a video on YouTube, we would tell you the circumstances under which the video would infringe copyright. If you are planning to trademark a word, we would inform you of the grounds on which trademarks are granted/refused. If you are making an assignment on patents, we would let you know the differences between a provisional and a complete specification.

How does it work?

You ask us a question by emailing us at questions.yoursintellectually@gmail.com. Please also send us your name and what you do so that we know who the questioner is. We will upload the answer on the website within 7 days. We will also mention who the questioner was; however, we will maintain anonymity if the questioner so requires. The answer will also be emailed to the questioner simultaneously.

You can check out the website for the kind of questions you can ask.

Can’t I maintain anonymity while asking questions?

Unfortunately, not. One of the things that YI gains from this is getting to know the kind of people we have provided answers to – start-ups, artists, students, and anyone else. This adds value to the website. So we encourage you to tell us who you are and what you do, and trust us to not misuse this information in anyway. If you want us to keep your identity anonymous while posting the answer on the website, we will do the same.

May I hold you liable if you give an incorrect answer?

No, you may not (read disclaimer). YI will try its best to give well-researched and thorough answers. But the law is an extremely complex and subjective area. Everyone makes mistakes, and so could YI. We would be the first to admit it if we do go wrong, and provide you with a better answer.

Why should I trust yours answers?

Like we have said before, we do our best to provide correct answers backed by statutory provisions, case laws and expert opinion. To ensure that we don’t go wrong, we also have a Board of Consulting Experts (BCE) who will help us with difficult questions that we can’t get our heads around. The BCE comprises of experienced professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in different areas of IP.

How long will you take to answer?

A maximum of 7 days, usually. This would vary with the complexity of the question asked. If you want us to process a request urgently, please let us know. We will get back to you on whether it is possible.

And yes, we are working on getting this number down.

What if you can’t answer the question?

We will let you know within the period of 7 days if we have been unable to answer your question. This may happen if we cannot decide on a conclusive answer or if the question involves more advice than knowledge (such as whether your invention will be granted a patent).

Is there something else that I am missing out on?

If you have any further questions, you can always contact us on questions.yoursintellectually@gmail.com. Do check out About page for more information.